Roasted Garlic Fig Prosciutto Cracker Bundles
What you will need...
1 x 8 oz • 227g
1/2 cup • 50g
2 tbsp • 25g
1 cup

Summer Fresh Roasted Garlic Hummus
lelsey stowe's raincoast crips cranberry & hazelnut crackers
Figs, halved
slices of Prosciutto
Carrot, julienned
Goat's Cheese, crumbled
Italian Parsley, chopped fine
Salt & pepper, to taste
What you will do...

Place 9g (about tsp) of Summer Fresh Roasted Garlic Hummus on each fig half. Sprinkle each with some crumbled goat cheese, then wqrap each fig in a slice of prosciutto and secure with toothpicks.

Place finished figs on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil, and bake on the top racj of a 230C/450F over for about 15-20 minutes. If you wish to brown the prosciutto a litt more, boil for approximately 10-15 seconds.

Arrange 12 lesley stowe's crips cranberry and hazelnut crackers on a serving tray. Add a dollop of Summer Fresh Roasted Garlic Hummus to the center of each crisp. Arrange the finished, cooked figs on the crisps (careful, they will be hot) and garnish with Italian Parsley.

Serve on a rustic silver tray, or on a cleaned a prepared slice of a large tree trunk.

Makes 12 - Enjoy!

TIP: If you would like to try this unique appy combo with a bit less garlic, use our Summer Fresh Original Hummus

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